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2012 Ages and weights

The ages and weights in the following table have been adopted by FLFYCL for the 2012 season. These are the game day playing weight. There is no allowance, or increase throughout the season. Here are the rules regarding weights:

  • A player may certify at the game weight plus 10lbs but may not play in a game until they make game weight
  • Each player has 1 opportunity at the scale
  • Any player may weigh in early as long as it is with another squad
  • You may weigh in up to half time of your game to be eligible
  • You may weigh in in full gear, however you may not wear less than a t-shirt and shorts to weigh in
  • No coaches/parents are allowed in the weigh in area at weigh ins.
Team Ages and Weights
Flag Team 5, 6, 7, 8 year olds no max/min limt
C Team

7*,8,9 125 lb. Maximum

10 80 lb. Maximum

8,9,10 50 lb. Minimum

B Team

9,10,11 140 lb. Maximum

12 90 lb. Maximum

A Team

10 ** 130 lb. Minimum

11,12,13 165 lb. Maximum

14 135 lb. Maximum

*Red Jacket Board Approval Required

** Red Jacket Board and League Approval Required